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Abandoned Fashion by Luke Woodford

Abandoned Fashion by Luke Woodford

 “He that loves a rosy cheek,
Or a coral lip admires,
Or from star-like eyes doth seek
Fuel to maintain his fires,—
As old Time makes these decay,
So his flames must waste away.”
Thomas Carew

Introducing ‘Abandoned Fashion’ – a mesmerisingly beautiful and unique project by Luke Woodford. Luke is an internationally published London and Brighton based photographer, specialising in fashion, wedding and portrait photography, photography training, fine art prints.

Abandoned Fashion Series tantalises the viewer by its ethereal concept, where light and darkness, life and death curiously intertwine to create a new, unworldly vision of what might have been. Forsaken houses, empty staircases and dilapidated walls – all bear the seal of decay, yet they are still imbued with the memories of people who used to dwell there, as if surmising their unseen presence.  The ghostly charm of uninhabited spaces creates a dramatic contrast to a melancholic beauty of the young models, wearing inspiring pieces from talented upcoming designers.

Below you can see the full series brought together for the first time.

The Lady Of Moat View

Designer: Joanne Fleming
Model: Tabby Richards
Hair and Make-Up: Rosie Lee — with Tabby Richards, Joanne Fleming, Luke Matthew Woodford, Unique Fashionbrand and Jonathan Wilson.

The Devil’s Prophecy

Designer: Joanne Flemming
Model: Sara Grabek
Hair and Make-Up: Rosie Lee — with Sara Grabek, Luke Matthew Woodford, Sara Grabek (model), Rosie Lee Hair & Make-up Artist, Joanne Fleming, Rosie Lee, Robert Kenworthy and Jonathan Wilson.


Designer: Francesca Marotta
Model: Sara Grabek
Hair and Make-Up: Eleise Lucraft


Designer: Roadkill Couture by Jess Eaton
Model: Tess Dimos
Hair and Make-Up: Rosie Lee — with Jess Eaton, Tess G Dimos, Rosie Lee and Luke Matthew Woodford.

Broken Wings

Model: Nadia Lee
Dress: Suzie Turner
hair and Make-Up: Eleise Lucraft — with Suzie Turner, Nadia Lee and Luke Matthew Woodford.


Designer: Renaissance Couture
Model: Simone Jane Piper
Hair and Make-Up: Eleise Lucraft Mua
Jewellery: Rosie Fox — with Luke Matthew Woodford, Kevin Freeman, Couture Blvd, Simone Jane Piper and Jonathan Wilson.

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